• On Site Visit
    prior to quotation to provide the best solution that is both feasible and economical to the customer and at the same time adhering to and above the safety regulations at all time.
  • Professional Engineer Submission and Endorsement
    prior to erect of scaffold that require special attention and specify measures.
  • Supervision of Scaffold
    by our experienced and trained MOM approved supervisor to ensure usability and safety of system erected and ensuring '0' accident at all times.
  • Weekly Scaffold Inspection
    conducted by MOM approved Scaffold Supervisor to certify the usability of the scaffold system and to advise and plan for rectification measures.
  • Risk Assessment
    to be conducted prior to start of scaffold work to eliminate or reduce potential risk. To highligh the potential risk to alert the public and end-user, keeping in mind the safety of all, at all times.
  • Installation/Dismantling
    of Metal Scaffold by our well trained and skilled MOM approved erectors.
  • Rental
    of Metal Scaffold that is well maintained and keep "young", ensuring the integrity of material and safety of the end user.
  • Sale of Scaffold Material
  • Buy Back of Used Scaffold Materials.